NEWS:CANNEX Acquires QWeMA, Professor Moshe Milevsky Joins Board, makes Strategic Investment in Company and will Direct Research

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The QWeMA Group Inc. — which is an abbreviation for Quantitative Wealth Management Analytics Group — develops intellectual property, software algorithms and product solutions in the fields of wealth management, investments and insurance. We specialize in the business of retirement income planning and have worked with some of largest financial services companies in the world.

“How Should I Structure my Retirement Income Portfolio?”This is the most important question in retirement income planning for advisors and individual investors alike. Finding optimal answers to this question is at the heart of the work of The QWeMA Group and its founder, Dr. Moshe Milevsky. We have┬ánow developed a comprehensive video which provides deep insights into the tradeoff between income sustainability and financial legacy for retirement income planning. Our video includes 10 case studies to illuminate the Retirement Income Frontier:

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