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Our algorithms allow users to explore concepts in personal finance which are at the heart of our work at The QWeMA Group.

Try the free versions of calculators based on some of our algorithms, here – or contact us to learn more about purchasing and licensing the full versions of these calculators.Please disable your pop-up blockers to allow the calculators to load properly.

Lifetime Ruin Probability:
The Lifetime Ruin Probability is the probability that a retiree will deplete his/her retirement account under a fixed dollar spending strategy.

Expected Discounted Bequest:
The Expected Discounted Bequest (EDB) is a measure of the discounted portfolio amount that is expected to be left-over to the individual's estate upon death.

Advanced Life Delayed Annuity (Deferred Pension Annuity Factor):
The Advanced Life Delayed Annuity factor is defined as the dollar amount that the annuitant has to pay the insurance company today, to receive $1 per year for the rest of the annuitant’s life, starting at the end of the delay period.

Ruin-Contingent Lifetime Annuity (RCLA):
The Ruin-Contingent Lifetime Annuity (RCLA) is similar to a Deferred Pension Annuity Factor, or ALDA, but the start date is when the retirement portfolio is depleted.

Disclaimer: The QWeMA Group is not providing any investment or other financial advice of any kind or nature and this analytic software program is merely a tool to be used by the user in the support of the marketing, sale, and promotion of products and services. In no event shall QWeMA Group, or any officer, director, principle, employee, agent or other representative of QWeMA Group, be liable for any damages, liabilities, expenses, or losses in any connection with the provision of any investment advice or recommendations made by the user of this analytic software program or its representatives whether in reliance on or use of the program or any ancillary materials or otherwise.