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QWeMA Group Inc. is privately owned and operated by a group of financial engineers, economic scientists and applied mathematicians.

Most problems and decisions in personal financial planning – regardless of the complexity of the products involved – can be broken down into a limited set of economic tradeoffs. We believe this cost-benefit analysis should be conducted within a probabilistic framework that is consistent with capital market pricing and valuation.

Thus, for example, deciding whether to purchase a long term care insurance policy or to self-insure; whether to finance a mortgage at a fixed or adjustable rate; whether to annuitize a pension or take a lump sum; or whether to fund more than the required minimum on a life insurance policy can all be analyzed by reducing the set of choices and decisions to a financial economic model.

To help illuminate the tradeoffs and provide rigorous guidance, The QWeMA Group has access to some of the world’s leading specialists in probability theory, actuarial finance, insurance economics, stochastic process and partial differential equations – specialties that are at the intellectual core of these decisions.

In the past few years a number of our models, algorithms and calculators have been granted IP & patent protection by the USPTO, publicized by the media and have been peer-reviewed in leading scholarly journals. As a result, we have established long-term licensing agreements with a number of global financial services companies.

If your organization is developing a financial calculator, investment model, or economic simulator within the broadly defined field of wealth and risk management, consider the resources of the QWeMA Group.

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