Retirement Pensionize Allocation (RPA) Service

Every retirement income portfolio plan is situated along a frontier which spans the competing goals of Retirement Sustainability (maximizing lifetime income) and Financial Legacy Value (maximizing financial legacy, expressed in today’s dollars).

The QWeMA Group’s RPA Service is designed specifically to support advisors and their clients in selecting optimal portfolio allocations along the frontier of retirement.

Our Service uses your products to build optimal portfolio allocations along the Retirement Income Frontier. With QWeMA’s RPA Service, advisors can quickly and easily select model portfolios which match client goals and are directly keyed to your chosen products.

The QWeMA Service relies on our proprietary product allocation algorithms to optimize portfolios along the Retirement Income Frontier.

You tell us the products in your desired and allowable product mix, and we’ll tell you the optimal allocations:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Life Insurance
  • Pension Annuities

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